Local development plan

The South Ayrshire Local Development Plan (LDP) was adopted on 23rd September 2014.

The LDP is a strategic land use plan that sets out strategic spatial priorities and policies for South Ayrshire and will secure land for specified uses (e.g. housing/industry etc.) to provide certainty for development. The Local Development Plan replaces the South Ayrshire Local Plan and the Ayrshire Joint Structure Plan as the Council’s adopted development plan. All planning applications will be assessed against the policies in the South Ayrshire Local Development Plan.

View the South Ayrshire Local Development Plan and relevant background documents

Supplementary guidance

In addition to the South Ayrshire Local Development Plan, the Council also has supplementary planning guidance, which provides planning guidance and policies on specific subjects. Supplementary planning guidance supports the policies contained within the Local Development Plan. Following the adoption of the Local Development Plan, new supplementary planning guidance and updated guidance was produced during 2014 and 2015.