South Ayrshire Council launch new bins app

 11 December 2020  |  

South Ayrshire Council launch new bins app

South Ayrshire Council launch new bins app

South Ayrshire Council are making life a bit easier for residents with the launch of a new bins and recycling app on Monday 14 December.

From reporting missed bins, to booking special uplifts, the 'SAC MyBins' app will allow locals to organise all of their household waste needs on the go.  

The free to use app, which was designed with Albion Environmental Ltd., includes features such as - personalised collection calendars; advice, tips and information on recycling; and access to online forms to report problems.

The bin calendar function allows users to see at a glance which bin is due for collection. This means no more relying on your neighbours to put their bins out first!

You can even use the app to set up collection day reminders on your phone or tablet, so you'll never forget to put your bin out for collection again.

Another great benefit is that users will be able to contact the Council about waste collection services, such as special uplifts, direct from the app.

You can even use the app to access the latest Council news and service alerts.

Councillor Ian Cochrane, South Ayrshire Council's Portfolio Holder for Environment said: "The SAC MyBins app provides a great new, interactive way for residents to keep up to date with waste and recycling services across South Ayrshire.

 "We all lead busy lives, and with the facility to set collection day reminders on phones and tablets, the SAC MyBins app means we will have one less thing to remember each week.

 "I know how frustrating it can be when you're unsure what items can and can't be recycled. The app really will make a difference to residents, as they can search products and their packaging to find out how to dispose of them properly."

SAC MyBins can be found by on the app store on most mobile devices from Monday 14 December.