Completed consultations

These consultations are now closed. The results will be posted when available.

Completed consultation Ended
Modified Proposed Local Development Plan14 August 2020
Our Future - Let's Talk 2020/2115th May 2020
Children’s Services Plan 2020-236 March 2020
Sensory strategy consultation30 November 2019
Proposed Local Development Plan Consultation15 November 2019
Licensing of Sexual Entertainment Venues31 October 2019
Quality of life survey - Place31 October 2019
Early learning and childcare consultation survey24 October 2019
Troon Together - Community Views Survey6 September 2019
Common Good Consultation6 September 2019
Day services for adults with learning disabilities consultation16 August 2019
Day services for older people consultation9 August 2019
Community Council Review Consultation26 June 2019
Let's discuss 'Our Future'19 May 2019
Statutory Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places26 April 2019
Draft Social Isolation Strategy 2018-20271 February 2019
Taxi and Private Hire Consultation17 December 2018
Draft Adult Carers Strategy 2018-202310 December 2018
New all-weather pitch in Girvan16 November 2018
Educational Services - Draft Service and Improvement Plan for 2018/1929 June 2018
Proposed amendments to South Ayrshire Council's primary school admissions, P7-S1 Secondary school transfers and placing request arrangements15 June 2018
Proposed charges for halls/pitches/school lets and draft Bookings Policy8 June 2018
Proposal on children starting primary 1 in August 201811 May 2018
Proposed Shared Educational Campus incorporating Glenburn Primary and St Ninian’s Primary and associated Early Years provision20 April 2018
Proposed Maybole Community Campus - Proposed closure and amalgamation of Cairn Primary School and Gardenrose Primary School and associated Early Years provision and the proposed relocation of St Cuthbert’s Primary School20 April 2018
Ayrshire Shoreline Management Plan20 April 2018
Draft Local Eligibility Criteria for Carers in South Ayrshire9 February 2018
Balancing the budget 2018 - 202011 February 2018
Early Learning and Childcare Consultation Parents and Communities26 June 2017
Draft Adult Community Mental Health Strategy for 2017-2230 April 2017
South Ayrshire Children's Service Plan22 March 2017
Fresh approach lets communities influence future priorities through the Local Development Plan10 February 2017
South Ayrshire 1000 Citizens’ Panel – 2016 Quality of Life Survey16 January 2017
Landlord survey
Play Strategy for Early Learning and Childcare across South Ayrshire
#equal4u – Ayrshire Shared Equality Outcomes Consultation
Proposed Relocation of Ayr Grammar Primary School and establishment of Early Learning and Childcare Provision
Draft Equality Outcomes for South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership2 September 2016