Care homes

View a list of Care Homes in South Ayrshire or view information on South Lodge Care Home.

Thinking About Moving Into a Care Home?

If you are thinking of moving into a care home firstly, you should contact your local social work office.

A member of staff can assess and assist you to decide whether in fact, you do need to move into a care home. After your assessment is complete and a move into a care home is appropriate for you, they can assist you to find a suitable home, as well as help you to apply for any financial support you may be entitled to such as free personal care or nursing care.

Once the assessment is complete and a suitable home has been found a financial assessment is completed. This assessment establishes how much you will pay towards your care home fees and how much the social work services will pay.

Care homes are regulated by the Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Care (the Care Commission). Care homes are regularly inspected by the care commission and are graded from 1 to 6, the inspection reports are available to read online at the Care Commission website.